Auckland based modern suggestive Clinical Hypnotherapy

Imagine what you want out of life, then achieve it.

If you’re reading this chances are you’ve identified that you want more out of life, but your thoughts, words and actions may be holding you back.


Take control back over what you allow into your mind and body. Whether it is cigarettes, food, bad habits, exercise, sleep, weight, drinking, fears, phobias or something else that has gotten out of hand, Hypnotherapy can strengthen your resolve to live a healthy balanced life.


We can all benefit from improved focus, motivation, and creativity in our work, personal and sporting endeavors. Hypnotherapy can assist in targeting behaviors, emotions or thoughts that are no longer serving you today and reprogram your subconscious to support who you want to be.


If you struggle with poor self-confidence or low self-esteem then you’re likely holding yourself back from getting the most out of life. Hypnotherapy can help transform your negative self-talk into optimism and give you the confidence to improve your quality of life.


Modern life is wrought with stress and pressure, which can have on-flowing negative consequences for our health and wellbeing. Hypnotherapy can help you focus on what you want out of life and take a mindful, positive and calm approach to managing your mental load.

Is hypnotherapy right for you?

Hypnotherapy provides a personalised approach to achieve change, get in touch to learn more.

The Science

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring phenomena we encounter daily, and has been used therapeutically for centuries. It is an altered state of awareness resembling deep relaxation during which we experience an enhanced capacity to change our enduring thoughts, words and actions. Hypnotherapy combines hypnosis and therapy and involves treating problems in both our conscious and subconscious minds, problems that are often unable to be solved in the conscious mind alone.
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I’m Desireé Prendergast (BSc Psych, PDip Business, Dip Clinical Hypnotherapy) an Auckland based qualified Hypnotherapist and Professional Member of Hypnosis New Zealand. I practice personalised modern suggestive hypnotherapy part-time from my home clinic. I would love the opportunity to hear about your desired life changes and motivations, talk you through unique relaxation techniques, deliver tailored suggestions and visualisations, and support you on your journey of change and wellness. I believe that Hypnotherapy improves lives, and I am passionate about helping others harness the power of their own minds to reach their full potential and overcome barriers.

  • “I’ve felt super positive since seeing you. I really do feel empowered! The affirmation was perfect and I’ve had a chat to others about seeing you too.”

    We take our clients privacy seriously so you won’t find names attached to our testimonials.

  • “I highly recommend giving hypnotherapy a go. Desireé is so professional and caring. I really enjoyed the whole experience and continue to use the tools she gave me to feel relaxed, positive and empowered.”

    We take our clients privacy seriously so you won’t find names attached to our testimonials.