I’ve been on a mindset changing journey over the past year and helping enlighten me alongside studying Hypnotherapy is the novel ‘Becoming Supernatural’ by Dr Joe Dispenza. While my eyes have been irrevocably opened towards the minds endless potential, I was disheartened a little because I know a lot of people in my life who simply wouldn’t read this book. But now Netflix has released a doco called ‘HEAL’ and I’m so excited because it’s an absolute must watch! Dispenza features alongside a host of experts on the science of the mind. When they talk quantum physics it is heady stuff, but I implore you to take the time to really listen to their message and if you want to know more then I highly recommend reading Becoming Supernatural. Here’s a few points that really caught my attention.

Stress related illness is huge, and can be caused by physical, chemical or emotional stress. Avoid illness and disease through avoiding toxic brain chemicals from fear based emotion. Treat those toxins and pathogens through diet and natural medicine alongside western medicine. Natural approaches are holistic and treat disease as inorganic. When chronic illness is discovered it takes more than chemical rebalancing to bring ourselves back into homeostasis.

Absolutely everything (right down to the smallest particles that make an atom) is made of waves of energy – literally vibrations or illusions. Quantum physics tells us that mind, consciousness and thought shape our bodies and our relationships to the world within which we live. Epigenetics teaches that the nervous system is the information highway – change the signals in your body, by altering the environment and your perception of the environment, and you can master your own genetic activity.

A strong mind-body connection has been proven through chemistry, just consider the placebo effect. When we accept, believe and surrender to a course of action our body has the innate capacity to change our chemistry to follow that course. So consider all your options, do something differently, make new choices, move beyond certain emotions and overcome limited thinking to create more possibilities in your life.

Move towards balance simply through harnessing the power of belief. You can choose to perpetually live in ‘fight or flight’ (damage mode) or ‘rest and digest’ (repair mode). Routinely stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system via Hypnotherapy, meditation or deep relaxation to relieve stress.

Practice awareness, get in touch with your core consciousness, your soul. Release the chemical juices of life, feel peace. Let go of detrimental self images and emotions that have formed throughout your programming. Put your faith in possibility – align your emotional state with positive thought through actively practicing gratitude. Utilise visualisation as there’s no question that what we imagine can effect our physiology. Shift from fear to love.