The well hub reached out to me for an interview to find out what suggestive hypnotherapy is and how it can help you to personally achieve a sense of balance and wellness in all areas of your life. While I am grateful to be able to shed a little light on how hypnotherapy fits into the wellness picture, I am even more pleased to be able to point people in their direction. The well hub provides affordable and accessible support to enhance and optimise wellness. Their evidence based online programmes provide access to mental health support, stress management, sleep and nutrition.

I’ve posted an excerpt from the interview below and you can read it in full at – while your there make sure to check out their amazing work.

Psychology is all about understanding human beings – what makes us think, feel and behave in certain ways. How do you think hypnotherapy fits in with this?
“I would say that suggestive hypnotherapy shares Psychology’s aim to understand our thoughts, feelings and behaviors, and a skilled Hypnotherapist would use several of Psychology’s therapeutic approaches to help facilitate discussion centered on positive change, for example I use a combination of motivational interviewing, solution focused therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. In fact Hypnotherapy’s ability to guide and focus attention has been shown to enhance traditional forms of therapy and make them more affective. Really at their core I believe both modalities fit together and work in unison to help a range of clients focus on mentally, physically and emotionally improving in a multitude of ways.”

The well hub is all about promoting and enhancing wellness and wellbeing. How do you think hypnotherapy fits in with wellness?
“Just as wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life, hypnotherapy is about supporting the process of becoming aware of and making tangible changes towards a healthy and fulfilling life. As a Hypnotherapist I recognise that every individual’s journey is different and their idea of wellness and wellbeing varied, so everyone who contacts me is going to require a different level of support and a personalised pathway to wellness.”

What are your personal views about wellness?
“For me wellness equals balance. Taking a balanced approach to spending time on personal, family and business endeavors. Making a concerted effort to take stock of how we feel mentally, emotionally and physically on a daily basis and equally balancing those needs. For me wellness is living by a happiness factor, and truly knowing myself and meeting my own happiness needs is crucial, because everyone has a different idea of happiness that they’re responsible for and striving to attain.”